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Medical Benefit Scheme for Christian Pastoral Staff


The Hong Kong Christian Medical & Dental Fellowship (hereinafter referred to as the Fellowship) has been concerned with the health maintenance of the pastoral staff ministering in church and organization. It is not unusual to find a pastoral staff in his/her demanding ministry not being able to get medical treatment at times of physical illness. What may appear to be minor illness can sometimes lead to a more serious health crisis if the symptom is ignored or overlooked.
In reality, however, there is a dilemma in getting specialized medical services: Either a long waiting time for public service or a high charge for private service. The members of the Fellowship are thankful to God for granting us opportunities to serve the society; and they want to show their gratefulness to their ministers for their pastoral and spiritual care. We also believe that better monitoring of their health is a great blessing of the churches.
Therefore, the Fellowship joins hands with the Association of Hong Kong Hospital Christian Chaplaincy Ministry (AHKHCCM) in this MBSCPS project.

Service members of the MBSCPS are committed to serving the pastoral staff with professionalism and in Christian love. We will provide high quality and responsible specialized medical service. We operate under the non profit-making principle. As of 2009, we have a total of 32 medical doctors participating as service members. Their specializations are dentistry, internal medicine, surgery, general practice, nephrology, cardiology, E.N.T, ophthalmology, orthopedics, neurology, paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry. We will invite more Christian doctors to join in as our fellow service members.


All serving outlets are members of the Fellowship. Any pastoral staff who wishes to join the MBSCPS can register through the AHKHCCM. After an applicant's status has been verified, we will issue a MBSCPS card and send the MBSCPS doctors' list to him/her and his/her family members. No fees will be charged for registration.


‧Full-time pastoral staff of Hong Kong churches / Christian organizations.
‧Full-time teaching staff of Hong Kong seminaries.
‧Full-time students of Hong Kong seminaries.
‧Full-time Hospital chaplains
‧Participants' spouse and children who are under 21 years of age.

The scheme covers general consultation and medications only. In case of need for surgery and hospitalization, the rate and charges have to be discussed with the doctors/dentists. The coverage of MBSCPS is as follows:
‧general dental examination and treatments, such as teeth cleaning, filling, and extraction, but not include orthodontic and denture.
‧Specialized and general outpatient services and treatments, not including major and minor surgery as well as hospitalization.
Enquiry : AHKHCCM 2339 0660 (Miss Fung)
In order to oblige to the law the name list of doctors/dentists would be distributed to registered MBSCPS members only.

The Hong Kong Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship (CMDF) was established in 1975. The fellowship is composed of Christian medical doctors and dentists, who aim to strengthen their faith through fellowship; to excel in their medical profession as witnesses of Christ; and to serve people.

The Association of Hong Kong Hospital Christian Chaplaincy Ministry Ltd . was established in 1989. Its mission is to support chaplaincy ministry in hospitals. It is engaged in enhancing the development of Hong Kong hospital chaplaincy services, integrating resources of local churches and local hospitals, and upgrading the quality of medical services. The Association is committed to ‘Holistic Healing & Health'.


MBSCPS Application Form
Doctor List   (Need login/password)

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